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Fashion for Everyone

John Galliano

Fashion finds expression in many spheres of our lives such as clothing, footwear, makeup, hairstyle, lifestyle accessories, jewelry, electronic gadgets, and the human body. There are a variety of career options in the fashion industry including working as a fashion designer, stylist, textile designer, accessory designer, visual merchandiser, and many other roles.

Students can enter the profession with excellent career opportunities and good earning potential after completing schooling (10+2) or graduation. Diplomas, Undergraduate and Postgraduate degrees in Fashion design are available. Along with academic qualifications, a person involved in fashion must be creative and artistic with excellent speaking, listening, decision making and computer skills.

There is wide scope for fashion design in India and globally. Students have innumerable choices after completing professional studies.  A few important steps towards an incredible career in fashion design are:

  1. Study fashion design – There are many options – UG, PG courses and Diplomas
  2. Develop Your Skills – Knowledge is nothing without skills
  3. Focus Your Efforts
  4. Find Your USP – What makes you different?
  5. Build Your Brand – You are a Brand
  6. Network Constantly
  7. Be Prepared to Start Small
  8. Be Unwilling to Quit – Success will come your way

Here at Poddar International College studying fashion is an exciting experience for students. Students make ready-to-buy products such as jewellery, scarves, bangles, bookmarks, key rings and many more. They get involved in activities such as Fashion Illustration, Textile Design, Print Making, Garment Construction and Pattern Making. They learn to envision and create beautiful designs and products.

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Admission Open 2024-25