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Choosing Design as Career

Choosing the right career in life can be a difficult task for both – parents and students. Many of us face this situation in our life at least once or twice in our life.

Nowadays, there is a huge variety of courses available in colleges and universities. But, it all depends on student’s interest and choice. Both students and parents focus on career scope, job prospects and higher studies while selecting the course. Apart from the top considered career options like MBA, Engineering, Accountancy, there are variety of other options to explore.

Education field is reaching heights. Career in designing has gained equal popularity and future scope comparative to other traditional courses like medical, arts, sciences. There is a large of demand of designers in the market serving high income just like other fields.

Big Question… HOW to decide?

A student with good observation skills, sense of creativity and imaginative expression can pursue the field of designing. If, students or parents are still not able to decide about career in designing, they may seek help from counsellors and faculties.

Preparation is must to enter into a designing college. All the government college conducts their own creative entrance exams – NIFT, NID, UCEED and forms a selection process to select the most creative students across the country. Mostly, all the top colleges including private and government selects student on the basis of entrance exams and portfolio.

Institutions provide degrees in various specialisations including fashion, interior, communication, product, jewellery, environmental, urban, animation and user experience designing.

Generally, colleges provide 4 years B.Design degree. Apart from B.Des, some colleges offer B.Sc, B.Voc. B.A. degree as well.


Fashion Designing – one of the most common and popular designing course known to Indian students. It covers topics like textile studies, ornamentation, garment construction and manufacturing, fashion illustration, fashion marketing, merchandising, garment import and export etc.

A fashion designer can become a designer, retail buyer, retail manager, stylist, textile designer, make-up artist, blogger, creative entrepreneur, fashion researcher, etc.


Interior designing is making the best possible use of the available space.

In a basic view, Interior Designers designs the interior of people’s houses. Interior designers work closely with architects, civil engineers, mechanical engineers and construction site labourers to determine how interior spaces will function, look and be furnished. 

The course covers topics like interior designing, furniture designing, landscape designing, set designing and product designing, 2D, 3D visualization, understanding of light, color, spaces, etc.


Designing a product is designing a relationship. Nowadays, Product design is in high demand by the industry. Product design is all the work that comes between the initial idea for a new product, through to the point where the design is ready to be handed off to a manufacturer.

Product design has many fields of application: tableware, jewelry, sports and leisure, packaging materials, furniture, glass, etc.

The course covers topics like design tools & techniques, construction techniques, product representation, 2D & 3D product sketching, model making, sustainability, customer experiences etc.


In simple terms, Graphic Design can be understood by the following sentence:

“It’s hard to make a poster within the criteria of a poster”

Graphic Designing is a form of visual communication. It is the art and practice of planning and projecting ideas and experiences with visual and textual content. Graphic designing is basically the visual representation of thoughts.

 A graphic designer can work as Multimedia designer, web designer, logo designer, creative/art director, photo shop artist etc. Topics covered in this course are idea generation and development, logo design, graphic skills, packaging, poster, photographic techniques, story boarding, branding etc.

Choose Design! Choose Poddar!

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