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Start years: 2007
Duration: 2 YEARS
Eligibility: Graduation in Education with 50% Marks
Selection Procedure: - Entrance Test by PTET
Approved by NCTE (NCTE Recognition Order)

Teacher preparation course for the secondary level, (B.Ed.) is a professional course having three major components:

? Technical Orientation
? School Experience
? Practical Work

Sound exposure to all the three aspects is a pre-requisite for the preparation of a competent teacher. Theoretical orientation includes core course such as philosophical, sociological and psychological basis of education. These courses aim at helping the teachers, would be teachers in formulating their own authentic responses to reality, and his/her own self, to situated education in the social context, to develop a better understanding of the needs, interests and abilities of the learners and to creative effective learning situations.

Seats- 100
Duration- 2 Year
Eligibility-Graduation with 50% Marks (Reservation policy for Categories as per state governments & NCTE rules)
Selection procedure- Entrance Exam by PTET


A teacher is compared to an ‘alchemist’ and a ‘catalyst’. A teacher’s job involves many roles besides teaching. A teacher will have to serve as a parent, surrogate, an entertainer, psychotherapist and a record keeper. Crucial aspects of teaching are task presentation, diagnosis and enrichment. In the words of renowned scientist and our former president, Dr. Abdul Kalam, in his biography, “For me rocket construction is not merely a profession but a mission.” In the same manner, a mind set has to be created among the teachers, making them think and feel that a teacher has to ‘form’ ‘inform’ and ‘reform’ the students and mind set has to be created among teacher educators too, that teacher education is not merely a profession but a mission.

In the changing era, the quality of education is a basic exigency of our country. Poddar Management Training Institute has taken the stride to carve teacher education programmes incorporating changes but firmly rooted to the traditional wisdom of our glorious past.

We dream to develop a diversified and vibrant teacher education programme catering to the needs of different levels from nursery to higher advanced studies in education. We have to use the pedagogy not only for the accumulation of information but primarily for shifting the relevance towards improving an individual’s life. We feel that it will require very sensitive and sensible teacher Education Programme which will enable to bridge the Indian-skill gap amongst the faculties which is due to the allurement from corporate sectors and mushrooming growth to teacher education institution.

Admission Open 2024-25